OH15 To The World with Mars

Posted on September 08, 2017

Early in 2017, creative consultant Nkosinati “Mars” Manamela and Gabriel Bambo (aka acute Gabriel), the photographer at A ‘cute Angle launched a collaborative fashion meets photography project, with Mars as the face of the campaign.
Mars is the founder and creative director of Mars Lifestyle, co-founded Back 2 kasi Lifestyle events, and also dubs in Modelling has a very luxe aesthetics in fashion.
Gabriel is the founder and creative photographer at A’ cute Angle Photography his fashion sense is minimalistic luxe , has worked as a celebrity photographer for Dash , Dream Team DBN , Scoop Makhathani to name a few.
The aesthetics’ are classic 90s jean to jean, shades, old dirty sneakers. The project is titled ‘0H15 TO THE WXRLD”

(PICTURE: by A‘cute Angle)

How the project came about:

Mars and Gabriel have been friends for a long time, hailing from the Limpopo from a town called Mokopane. “We felt the creative from 015 wasn’t getting the recognition they deserve” Mars. The pair explained that they decided to bring their different facets of creativity together and create a campaign that will empower the people of 015. “Myself and Mars loves art , fashion and the urban culture as a whole we wanted to use of all those facets as a tool to speak to the youth, fused it with, myself taught photography skills that was the born of 0H15 TO THE WXRLD” Gabriel.

The shoot location and inspiration:
The shoot was conducted in Braamfontein, Joburg. The place is filled with cool hangout spots including Bars, restaurants and coffee spots, the town is indeed the urban culture hub for the young and old creative, the two spoke so well about the place. “Braamfontein is the hub of urban youth culture, so it made sense for us to choose this location” Gabriel, “For me Braamfontein was just fitting the aesthetics we wanted. Also I’m in love with Braamfontein”.

(PICTURE: by A‘cute Angle)

Inspiration behind the looks:
Mars explained that he wanted to try something of the classical 90s, the layering of jean to jean, and the dope shades, which he said a lot about them, “the shades are from a very special place, same as
This project is special to me” Mars .Even the old SUPERGA HI-TOPS came out.

(PICTURES: by A‘cute Angle)

What’s next with the project?
“We hoping to get more creative from the 015 to collaborate with and just keeping on doing the dope work for the culture” Gabriel, “We will still continue to work on our individual projects as Mars Lifestyle and A ‘cute Angle respectively” Mars, you can still expect dope more collaborations from the two.


(PICTURE: by A‘cute Angle)

It is clear that Mars is a fashion guru who can make anything work. Last month he tried his first project in the female department by hosting a womens month styling campagin, in which he styled numerous women.  

(PICTURE: by A ‘cute Angle)

Wanna get styled by Mars & Looking for a professional photoshoot with the man behind the lens? 

Simply follow them on instagram @ Mars_Guap / @ acutegabriel