Your Favourite Hip Hop DJ - Jays On Decks

Posted on September 15, 2017

The boy that just dropped the HEAT! We had a sit down with your favourite Hip Hop Deejay, the SOSA co-founder and brand rep, Jays on Decks. The boy let is in on his new heat single “MOfiso o Fa” produced by Red button. We got to know what Jays on Decks is all about, got to know his favourite local brands, and what that future is saying?, cav the interview below.......
Q: For those who don’t know Jays on Decks, who is Jay and what is he about?
A: Jays on Decks? Your favourite hip hop DJ... but fa’real, I’m a hip hop DJ. Born in Polokwane, spend a few years in Seshego and Northam, before eventually settling in Mogwase (Rustenburg). Currently in Joburg. I’m all about the music mayne, the art all of it.
Q: Do you think hip hop deejays are getting the same respect as rappers?
A: Personally I believe we all have to earn some respect anyway, so yea, we getting the same respect. I mean, we play rapper’s music.

Q: Tell us about your new joint, how did it come about, the energy in the studio and the whole creative process?
A: First of all, the camp is working mayne. We are all trying by all means. So when the joint was recorded, it was lit.... I remember Lore & Ofentic. Dee Xclsv and Tony X were recording the entire day. We went out still and met up with Red Button and I saw the guys getting there like they were ready to go on war. To cut the story short mayn, that was a long day and night but eventually Mofiso O fa came out as one of the songs that were recorded that day... So its Red button on production got Lore & Ofentic, Tony X and Kay-E..... The song is available on waptrendz for download.
Q: Any projects we can expect from Jay? Collabos?
A: Yea... well, for now? I’ve been working....Whenever I got a chance to be in the studio with the team, we make music, it will drop when the time is right, for now I’m focusing on Mofiso o fa.
Q: Best project for you thus far?
A: Ah mayn, there is a lot hey. I enjoy more local than international.... But that Luna Florentino – Florentino Mariachi is too much....
Q: You always swagged up; do you have any local favourite fashion brand?

A: Hey mayn, S.O.S.A is the brand The Lifestyle.
Q: How do you feel about the urban culture in S.A right now?
A: I feel like every creative gets limited by the corporate world and it’s frustrating when you have so much to offer. So the street culture gives one some sense of freedom, to somehow enhance and/or express your skills or talent. So many things happen in the street, and that’s great mayn.
Q: What can people expect from you in the last quarter of 2017?
A: Mofiso o fa.... for now, so much is going to come out from my side. We ready mayn.
Q: Where can people get you on social media for gigs and bookings?
A: On face book it’s Jays on Decks, Twitter @Jays_Ondecks, and Instagreezy @Jays_Ondecks_sosa... for bookings

S/o to your favourite hip hop deejay, Jays on Decks we wish you all the best with your future endeavour.