“We give brands the traction they need to reach their desired level of publicity through marketing, promotions, advertising and brand management.”

One of my LA Flames turned me about the brand, before I could even meet the homeboy, when she shared one of his Broski tinted Dad caps. Then I started following the homey’s journey through social media and we arranged to meet at one of his many pop-ups in Mokopane. The Designer is keen on pushing the Mokopane or rather the Limpopo youth culture forward. Besides being the CEO and head designer at Broski Wear (the biggest street wear brand in Mokopane), he is also a strategist through his brand management company Young Walk, where he does brand management for his own brand (broski), NR 015, and also managing one of the dopest rappers out of Limpopo 015 Toxic (kid got mad skills, watch out for him).The boy has played a pivotal part in pushing the 015 youth culture forward, “I just want to change the game bro, I have designs for days and I want to share with the world” 

(PICTURE: instagram - @youngwalkpromo)

His design style brings a very unique South African aesthetics, not borrowing too much from overseas. With his first collection which was mostly DIY project, which introduced him to the market. He is rebelliously inspired creative entrepreneur, who loves to create dope products. He tunes me the world is our playground and he intends to play hard, that makes sense when looking at his latest collection titled “NO GUT, NO STORY”.

Growing up in the hood is very hard for a lot of people, especially when it comes convincing parents that you want to be self-employed; we asked him where he gets his inspiration from.

“My father has always been my motivation even when he didn’t understand why I wanted to pursue a career in marketing, although before passing he said that he is proud of me and I should keep chasing my dream therefore my promise to my father is my motivation”

There are a lot of other kids in the hood doing major work, with local brands like GBEY, PKYM, Major Kings and others when asked about what he feels about the local scene.

“I feel as though it has great potential for growth, local street brands are making their rise into larger markets although most of them want to make their brand corporate brands, which essentially will make them lose their unique selling point and thus resulting in failure of street wear brands” Junior feels like brands need to be true and stop trying to sell themselves short.

The designer explains initially the brand was meant for the males to symbolize brotherhood, but now the Broski brand caters for both male and females designs. “Originally the brand was meant to be sold to males to symbolize brotherhood when wearing the brand. Although we have repositioned the brand for it to represent unity, once wearing the brand you are unified with others who also wear the brand. It has now grown into a brand that accommodates both males and females and in the sense we’re building a bridge to unite both parties and form a community and friendships”

I had the pleasure to exclusively peep on the ladies range dropping in October, which will drop the look book once available; man the boy got that Nando’s sauce.

Also tapped the homeboy about anyone besides himself killing the game locally....

“I don’t believe anyone is killing it like Broski, simply because we’re the best at what we do. Although if I were to mention one brand that I like within our local market , I would say Wesypo brand ,its product line is great but it still isn’t Broski (its Polo but it ain’t Ralph though)..... He echoed that this is merely the beginning for the brand there is more to come.

(PICTURE: Instagram - @youngwalkpromo)

The Young Walk crew is organizing a shindig “Fruition” (sounds too delicious). The event is an annual social gathering that gives local entrepreneurs a platform to showcase and sell their creations; essentially it is about bringing the youth culture of Mokopane together. There will be a variety of Deejays and of course a live performance by 015 toxic, food stalls, hubbly stalls, and dope positive vibes only is what the shindig is about. 

In this day and age dopeness can only happen through collaborations and/or a great team behind your brand, it is no different with Broski with Junior Khoda as the CEO and head designer, two creative consultants Tshakani Baloyi (Mr 015 toxic) and Kabelo Tlomotsana (this kid is the future), lastly to the team is Motladi Songo as the Public Relation Manager.

Junior gave us an exclusive into his latest lookbook , for the collection “NO GUT, NO STORY” , the location for this shoot was at some dope venue in Mokopane , he worked with awesome models with Kamo Kekana as one the models (one the coolest kids in the hood) , I asked him for the essential pieces from the look book. 

“Every item in the collaboration much like the collector’s items, our consumers should strive to get one of each of the items of the range”.

Junior explained why and how he started his brands. ” The brand broski is an annex of Young Walk, it was thought of because we wanted to show our clients that they can trust us with their brands, if we can manage ourselves we shall exceedingly do so for yours”
His mission is to build a community by connecting people through his brand, to be one of the leading clothing brands.

As a young creative entrepreneur I understand the challenges that comes with it, when dealing with corporate and the public, it is no different with Junior. “When going to large entities you’re rarely taken seriously as a young entrepreneur much like myself”.

Check out their social media pages for more info and the new October clothing gear.
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