We caught up with the hustle contestant DEE XCLSV, to chat about life after the hustle, new music and the future.

Hailing from Geelhout in Rustenburg, Didintle or DEE XCLSV as we know him. The artist's rap career started out in his home town with a group called SKI LIFE. A 014 rep the homer has really taken it to the top after “The Hustle” on VUZU and putting the whole town on the map.
We had to ask the homer about the life after The Hustle “Life after the hustle has been great bro, really got to see how people perceived the show and also had to just adjust a few things, but it’s really been amazing”


Got turned to the homer in 2016, by a mutual friend, been in studio with him a couple of times and I got to say he is our future messenger; he is the “Rap God” of the crew.

We had to take it back to where it all began, and ask the bran if we will ever be getting any material from SKI LIFE “DANG! I really don’t know bro. It would have to be organic and in the right state. But for now we just enjoying each other’s company as bros. Not really making music” that is a real bummer if you ask me, because the branzurs had a dope sound going on.

Fast forward to the future we asked DEE XCLSV if he is signed to any label and about the rumours to him joining Raplyf “I am Indie currently, with punch life media it is only management and PR at the moment, regarding the Raplyf? It is stories for tabloids man”

(PICTURE: by @alex_mK7)

One of his big collabos after the hustle was with DJ Switch, DEE XCLSV explained to me how that came about and the vibe in the studio “I met Switch through Luna Florentino, a dope homie of mine. Luna and Switch had a dope relationship and he played him some of my stuff, then switch asked to meet me you know, the vibe was too nice you can catch it up on punch life episode 2 on you tube” the song feats DEE XCLSV, Maraza and Luna Florentino..

There was a lot talent in the hustle house, and now that the show is over everybody is obviously doing they own thing; we asked the Dee if he has any collabos with other hustlers. Which he has alluded that he has a couple; he has music with Manu World Star, which is he part of punch life media. He has a couple of songs with Huge Da Oracle and Flex Rabanyane, he mentioned that all this work we will be getting in due time, the boys are really working man.

(PICTURE: by @tony_xsa)

DEE. XCLSV has a hit out now with Kwesta, one the biggest hip hop artist in S.A currently; we asked the DEE how he met with Kwesta and how the joint came about.

“Kwesta was a judge on the hustle for the bars challenge, and I killed that challenge. So he really messed with me from there you know, we then met again at the finale and we spoke a bit, we exchanged numbers and him being a real dude that he is, he invited me to the raplyf studios and we did the joint” the joint is called FLEX LIFE, trust me when I say this is a heat for days.

(PICTURE: by @tony_xsa)

DEE XCLSV explained that he makes music based on what he feels, he listens to the beats and if he connects in that moment he pours his heart out. The vibe has to be organic for him to make music with you.

I got invited to the FLEX LIFE Video shoot, which occurred a couple of weeks ago, we asked the DEE how was it and when can we peep it. “Flex Life shoot was really dope bro, everything came together as planned, also learnt a lot” The video will drop on the 1st or 2nd week of November.

(PICTURES: by @tony_xsa)

To close of our conversation with DEE XCLSV I had to find out if there is any project in pipeline we should expect. His answer was rather exciting because he has something for this before the year end “YES!!! I have an EP coming. That’s going to blow everyone away, and will be dropping it before the end of the year”.

Also check out the BET CYPHER that DEE XCLSV will be doing in the coming week.

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