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The Hustle S2 TOP 3 finalist: Huge Da Oracle

Posted on November 03, 2017

Thapelo “Huge Da Oracle” Khupari is one of the top 3 contestants on the Hip Hop T.V reality show “The Hustle”

Huge Da Oracle is a die hard 014(Rustenburg) rep, his posts about the town shows that the homie appreciate the town and the love he is getting. He often posts “Rustenburg!! We kinda looking good right about now, shout out to each and every one of yal doing best to put the city on”

We first got turned to Huge on the reality TV show “The Hustle”, where his lyrical content and bold bars made him a favourite to Khuli Chana. His style is Motswako –oriented, guess that explains why he was Khuli’s favourite. We found out from Da Oracle how life has been after The Hustle.
“Exciting for the most part, different challenges from the ones I faced before but definitely enjoying every moment”

Huge is a Rustenburg native, currently making his mark in Pretoria where he is based, most people trying to make it in the entertainment will move to Johannesburg or are based in Johannesburg. Even Huge agrees to this statement, he alluded that Johannesburg is the hub for South African Entertainment; we had to find how Pretoria is different from the hub of entertainment. 

“Pretoria right now represents more on the fashion lifestyle and visual arts markets, which is also dope for the culture, Jozi is just bigger and better it is the hub for S.A entertainment”

If you scroll through Huge’s social media pages, you will see he spends too much time with one of the Motswako movement pioneers, known for his contribution to the biggest and the most successful motswako crew to date Morafe, speaking of the big homie Tow Dee Mac. Huge explained to us his relationship with Tow Dee; he is a friend, a mentor, producer and all round music business advisor. Also the homie is riding the indie wave, as he explained to me he is unsigned, just a PR and management deal. Same management as Tow Dee Mac, that will explain them spending too much time together, cannot wait to hear the music they have been cooking together.

Speaking about cooking music, I asked Huge if we can expect any work with other hustlers.
“You can definitely expect a banger from me and Dee XCLSV. Imma put in work with Manu World star, I am intending on working with a lot of guys from this season”

Speaking with the homie about the banger he mentioned with Dee XCLSV , both of them are from Rustenburg and both of them are really pushing hard, tapped the homie if he thinks that the 014 cats are running things currently… “I wouldn’t say running things, but we are definitely being given an ear, people wanna know what the 014 got” 

Back to the future, Huge Da Oracle has a banger out now 5digits and they shot the video, huge explained to us how it came about and the video experience with Unclescrooch.

“I got a beat from Gobi and I just spazzed out on it, hahaha that’s the honest truth” speaking about the video huge explained that the experience of him shooting the video in his hometown was awesome, having worked with one of the dopest directors in the game also from Rustenburg cannot wait to see these visuals. He tuned me that the video is dropping very soon, so hopefully will get an exclusive.

To close of the chat with Huge Da Oracle, I had to obviously ask him about a project. He mentioned the project will drop next year, but we can expect a big feature before end of the year.

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