I caught up with Tshepiso Seema; he is a Stylist, Photographer, and a fashion design student from Bloemfontein. He is 21 years old and studying ladies garment design, his aesthetics are more high end fashion.
First met Tshepiso at a Gallery viewing of my friend, where we immediately connected because of our love for threads and art. An enigmatic character shrouded in mystery, Tshepiso dress sense will leave those who are not ready scratching their heads, not your typical high end designers in monochrome colors, but he likes to play with colors. Guess that shows even in his designs.
Tshepiso hails from Bloemfontein, but is now based in Johannesburg, I chatted to him about the culture in Joburg and how’s that influencing his designs. 

“Joburg is a city where everyone can just express their feelings through fashion , both males and females especially the artsy fashion where one stays away from the traditional ‘trends’ of the world and love to make a statement with their own clothing. As everyone has their own idea of what art truly is, I always try to save people’s wardrobe with classics and accommodate every women”.

A very humble soul, based in the inner city of Joburg one would argue that he should be doing male or even street wear designs as the city is surrounded by all street wear guys, I asked him why he chose to do ladies garments “I believe a woman should be two things – classy and fabulous”. 

These days fashion is highly affected by the DIY (Do It Yourself) designs, most of these cats didn’t even go to study fashion, but they are killing the threads. As a designer and a design student, I found out from him if the DIY is killing the industry he is heavily invested in.

“No it doesn’t kill anything, because fashion is a social art not of yesterday nor even today. New skills always lead to greater confidence in one’s abilities and the DIY’s also bringing a different detail to clothes/garments – young creative’s are doing well.”

Scroll through the Instagram bios of the urban youth, you will find titles like ‘creative director’, which was mostly used in the advertising industry. I asked the designer to break the barriers for us, on what a creative director in fashion does.

“A creative director is someone who has a vision for a certain style for stores and some designer, and a fashion designer is someone who has a view of both commercial and high fashion and sets the trends, I AM A FASHION DESIGNER.” 

I took Tshepiso out of his comfort zone, and tapped into his mind about street wear designs and how the industry has evolved locally and internationally. He notes that the South African street wear industry has evolved a lot over the past years and new brands come and go every day. He noticed creations occur every day and that makes the industry interesting or what he calls “Noble”.

Tshepiso gave us his favorite stylish celebrity and he loves the afro-pop duo, Mafikizolo. He says according to him they’re killing it locally. Asked the designer about what are the essentials for spring/summer 18. “Midi skirts and white, with a touch of denim source”.

As a young person it is always difficult in every discipline one chooses, Tshepiso’s advice to the young upcoming designers like himself, is to believe in your creation and stay true to your dream at all times. ”The only rule is there is no rule”.

To close of my chat with I asked him what is next for him and his career, and he said that more experience in the field.

Follow him on Instagram: @tshepiso_seema