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Life Of Cardo

Posted on July 26, 2016


Amidst the bright city lights and fast paced life of Jo’burg City lays an untapped talent born of a small town called Tzaneen that is waiting to be unleashed. CARDO is to be his chosen name for the stage but born Masana Mbhalati from Limpopo. All great musicians are inspired from a young age and CARDO is no exception to the rule. It all began with being part of school plays and musicals in pre-school he was involved in school plays and later being part of the school choir for years.

This love of music moved with him into high school as he became part of musical projects in church and the community in his home town and Polokwane. This gradually led to him recording music early as grade 8 and taking up piano lessons.

CARDO perceives himself as an artistic person because of his love for anything that takes up the form of art; be it a painting, poetry, music or acting. When asked why be a rapper? He simply replied, “People have admired poets for centuries and glorified musicians for even longer. Rap is a fusion of both, so why not choose rap?” These are the two passions that stole his heart and brought him to the City of Dreams.

Cardo doing what Cardo does best in his latest video SQUAD

After years of development and dedication in the studio tirelessly working to perfect his art, CARDO released a track called “Up in this ft Jimmy Jagga" as a way to get a feel of the then current hip hop scene in 2014. The reception was positive. Having identified his lane in the industry he then proceeded to release a number of singles in 2015, notably “Excuse U ft Dizzmental” and following the success of “Excuse U”, he subsequently dropped the overwhelming fan favourite “Squad”, where the lyricist revels upon the experiences of rolling 5 with his… well… “Squad”; complimented by a knocker of a trap-like beat that has proven to keep ears and mouths ringing long after the curtain closes.

The power of his music has resulted in Cardo being named as a proud Waptrendz.com ambassador, the media website which commissioned his hit music video SQUAD shot at Mashutti Lodge, Tzaneen and launches his music. As a result of the humbling success seen by CARDO, he has secured a public stamp of approval from the likes of Sizwe Dlomo, DJ Milkshake, YFM’s DJ Speedsta and Ricky Rick amongst many other industry stakeholders. Currently fans anxiously await CARDO’s forthcoming E.P instalment titled “Conversations with CARDO”. 

Singles by Cardo are all available on ww.waptrendz.com