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Musical Genius: DEE XCLSV

Posted on August 11, 2016

Hailing from the dusty streets of Rustenburg, North West, D.EE is a new age rapper/singer. Described by many as a musical genius, this artists’ vivid lyrical ability and the ability to make stories come to life with words is one of the many reasons he is adored by hip hop lovers. Inspired by artists such as J.Cole and Kid Ink , his brand of hip hop composes of a fresh mixture of mind-blowing lyrical ability and smooth sounding hooks and it is this very mixture between the two types of music that makes his music have a larger mass appeal to the market as he caters for everyone. Born Didintle Mokhine, this artist always had a love for the art of hip hop and was fascinated by the ability of artists such as Nas and Biggie to string together words in such a manner that would captivate one’s heart and mind for a full song. It was in 2009 that too tried his hand in writing music and was hooked ever since.

D.EE is a member of the renowned musical group S.K.I Life Entertainment which boasts 3 co-members which are also from the North West. The group was formed in 2011 and has so far released a multi-genre mixtape which was extremely well received. It is also worth noting that the group plan to release a full studio album titled ‘’Incoming Exit’’ and promise that it will be one of note. 

Along with the group, D.EE has performed alongside a number of major acts in the South African Music scene including the likes of K.O , Da LES , Dream Team , DJ Speedsta and AKA. The group were interviewed on 5FM about their upcoming album and have had airplay on various radio stations such as Mafisa FM , VOW FM , Venrap radio Station and many more.

Dee has an increasingly growing fan base that reaches thousands of people on twitter and Instagram and was recently voted the second hottest emcee on twitter in 2015. He has released two songs to date in 2016, namely OFTP (One For The Park) and Outta Kontrol, all receiving amazing feedback. He's debut mixtape called “Red” is scheduled to drop in late 2016 and promises to be a game changer.

Music by DEE XCLSV - is avaialble on www.waptrendz.com