In an ever growing music industry local captonian musicaian Carlyle keith Fraser born 02 December 1988 better known as "Carlyle CPT" is out to prove that all is not that meet the eye. He delivers his unique modern Hip Hop sound not only born into a musically inclined family his influence is his great grandfather who was an African American musician.

At the age of 14 he became interested in the sounds of international rap artist Eminem learning the lyrics of the artist, which inspired this young teenager to start writing his own music. 

Carlyle joined REAL INC.RECORDS in 2012 not only bringing his own style to this indie label. He worked with different artists & groups in the label mastering his talent, Carlyle features on many songs his first collaborating song was "REMEMBER ME" ft Thurston Charles.

His songs reach past and present experiences crafting his lyrics from his inner most thoughts and most personal experience intriguing listeners. His biggest influence is himself; he draws from his own life when writing music therefore every song is a reflection ogf his truth, life also inspires this 27 year old musician looking for concept within.

Carlyle CPT currently released his debut single "Hustle" ft SkiiiWalker which brings back reality based lyrics. Carlyle CPT is rising star in todays over-growning industry. 

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