"Leelia Jay" on the rise.

Posted on October 10, 2016

A beautiful and mellow voice was born from watching her father's band practising week after week in their lounge. At the age of 4, her dad brought home his first keyboard which immediately grabbed her attention. Liezil Duse (aka Leelia Jay) discovered her voice when she was only 10 years old. During high school, she joined a girl group called “ILLUSION” and graced the whole of Cape Town. After graduating from High school, she went into Hotel Management studies, during her second year of study, she met Dj Keith whom after hearing her works, invited her to be a part of a project consisting of a compilation CD which included tracks by several upcoming local artists.

In 2009, Leelia enrolled at 'Cape Audio College' where she met the legendary "Mizchif" who was recording his latest single titled "Congratulations". Impressed with Leelia's vocal and producing ability, he invited her to join his hip hop crew "Hunchmen". After recording a few tracks with "Hunchmen" and performing locally, Leelia decided to move to Pretoria to pursue her solo music career.

In 2014 she moved back home to expand her overall musical ability. After all the song writing and recording sessions, Leelia Jay decided it’s time to release her first single, “Whind It Low” Produced by “Brendon B-Rock Banda”. The song became a hit locally which led to the decision to shoot a music video. Leelia Jay worked with a number of producers and composers residing in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently still working on her debut album.

What Leelia Jay wants to do is uplift the spirits of her audience by making them want to dance. “From a young age, my mother taught to be an individual, how to be independent, to keep pushing forward and always believe in myself and my abilities” says Leelia Jay.

With synths, natural instruments and hard-knocking beats that are meant to hit the world with melodic rays, her voice just flows over every song in her album. Her being versatile was triggered when she saw that the world was going through a dance era. "I decided to incorporate all these other genres because I want everyone to have a favourite song in my album, and most importantly, I just want to make you dance with me".From Full on R&B to Pure Hip-Hop and House, Leelia Jay knew how to adjust her voice to the required specifications.
The World should be ready for this.

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