The world of hip hop music with 4OUR

Posted on February 20, 2017

4our is a Hip Hop artist who's style can best be described as modern, edgy, and experimental. The Limpopo bread rapper boasts a variety of other skills such as music production, song writing, video directing, graphic design and video and audio post production

4our, who's real name is Thabang Laka, draws inspiration from local artists such as Sketchy Bongo, Die Antwoord, Reiki and Tumi from the Volume to name a few, and international artists such as J Cole, Lapalux, Flying Lotus, Kedrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ and Chris Brown. Thabang often refers to himself as a modest, humble, ambitious and gifted artist who has the potential and confidence to be one of the top five rappers in the country and continent, while also being a great and energetic live performer.

When asked what he chooses to write and rap about, 4our's response was simple, "facts". His narrative is based on true, honest real life events and thoughts: how his life was, currently is and how he wants to be perceived by the listener. A typical 4OUR fan is a young person who is familiar to the township upbringing of a South African child, who has a positive outlook on life. A driven individual with high hopes, goals and self-esteem as a result of listening to his music.

Primary school was where it all started for 4OUR. He started producing at the age of 11 in grade 5, performing at school assemblies and talent shows in Benoni. His love for music grew from there. In 2011 at the age of 18 he wrote and produced his first mixtape with another artist named Royflow, titled F.L.O'clock.

In 2012 they released another mixtape titled FLO - Fear the Lord Only. From then on they went to shoot multiple music videos for various singles to seperate themselves from other artists who only made songs with no visuals. Then he started workin on his solo mixtape in 2015, titled "Numbers" which was then released in March 2016 and is an album one should give an ear too.