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Posted on April 18, 2017

A Fit & Active nation

Everybody wants to be healthy. Well, at least everybody I know wants to be as vital and strong as they can. The need for a healthy lifestyle generates benefits so valuable in a world of great convenience catering for almost every hour of our daily needs. The nature of the goods and services at the consumer's disposal today consists of a great range of products from yesteryear- just with a technological addition in the name of improvement. The fitness and health industry has also not been left behind in this regard.


Fitness apps have gained great prominence. Their importance as a fitness tool has enhanced personal experiences as well as fitness clubs. Exercising has gained convenience as they are part and parcel of the consumer's everyday product- the mobile phone. The journey to a more active lifestyle is catered for whether you are counting the kilos you are losing or the distance you are jogging.

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The convenience has also allowed for group participation towards a healthier lifestyle. This facilitates a great source of encouragement and support as peers have found themselves accountable to each other with regards to their fitness goals. Personal trainers and professionals have also found fitness and health apps relevant in running fitness programs and also communicating diet plans.

The structural opportunities existing within communities have encouraged a growth in the number of fitness clubs with most aimed at weight loss. Weight loss supplements have gained prominence in facilitating a fitness lifestyle in bridging the gap caused by high food prices. This has exposed a market interested in affordable ways to stay fit and healthy along with families and friends as well. This has seen a number of local parks and roads active with both young and old engaging in diverse routines.

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Corporate sponsorship in this regard should be well encouraged in order to promote the wellbeing of citizens and spill over benefits to charity initiatives through innovative ideas. The challenges facing the consumer are many. These concern areas surrounding the affordability and access to health care and gym memberships amongst others. These issues need to be looked at if our nation is ever going to realise a more active citizenry. The complex barriers of access to health care and the affordability of medical aid have caused consternation as 17% of South Africa's population is affected by this.


While some are just disheartened by this status quo, there seems to be a growing popularity in the rise of grass root solutions in realising a more active citizenry. With more participation from private sector, South African communities may be strengthened both economically and actively.


By: Thato Sihlali 

Twitter: @Epignostic