Befna - The New Age Makaveli

Posted on June 23, 2017

BEFNA – As the South African Music industry evolves, many talents emerge from unexpected streets and corners. One such talent is Befna as known by many.
Born 27 April 1995 Bafana Molebatji Mahulwane is the second of two children in the Mahulwane family based in a small town called Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga. Befna went to khayelihle day creche, started school at Makopanong primary school and later kwandebele science school where he finally completed his matric in 2013.

He went on to study computer sciences at University of Limpopo between 2014 and 2015.It is here that he realized and felt that he wanted to do more than just computer sciences ,he wanted to fuse it with his love for music and beats as he always had the passion for music. He left the University of Limpopo, moved to Pretoria and enrolled at Boston Campus to study Media. Molebatji had always felt that this was the life for him, making music, Particularly RAP . He however felt that Hip Hop was not as big as it should be in South Africa and also realized that most of his friends and people in his community listened to more House and Kwaito music.

This motivated him to bring Hip Hop back to the South African music scene in his own understanding of the genre. Shortly Befna heard of a computer program that would allow him to make beats effortlessly, he search and found what he was looking for. This is where it all started as he taught himself how to produce beats and perfected the art. When it came time to record he picked one of his many beats and recorded his first single called “Demi God”.

Although it was not of the best quality, “Demi God” allowed him to show off his ability to rap. With this, he gained a couple of supporters who started to believe in his art. As time went on Befna visited his home town and learned that they are other aspiring rappers in there, he teamed up with them and began to make music that one could describe as “New Age Hip Hop”. A combination of trending jumpy style beats and meaningful lyrical scripts.

Their first Professional track was called “Nine nine” which was Befna's song featuring Shawn Payne and king khathaza a professional video was also shot for this track
Then Befna’s “Alright” featuring Shawn Payne And finally, his Single “NewAgeMakaveli” which quickly blew up in the streets of Siyabuswa. 'NewAgeMakaveli' made Kasi Promoters Recognize Befnas talent and requested him to perform at one of the most anticipated Events in Siyabuswa, the KBF (Kwandebele Beach fest) where he shared with some big names like Fistas Mixwell, Euphonic, Nastee Nev just to mention a few.
The reception was positive. Having identified his lane in the industry he then proceeded to release a number of singles in 2016. With the help of Waptrendz his sponsors, Befna has traveled to many cities performing and exposing his art as a completely evolved Hip Hop artist. He has attended many interviews on different media platforms.

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