Trailblazers Annual Conference

Posted on July 04, 2017

God Fearingly Fabulous hosted its annual Trailblazers conference aimed at youth and women empowerment on June 16, 2017 at the University Of South Africa's Main campus in Muckleneuk, Tshwane.

The gathering aimed to serve as a platform of ushering in a paradigm shift for the youth in attendance to contextualise themselves as problem solvers amidst the challenges facing their society. Cley Makayani, 19 year old public relations student and Vice Chairperson of the movement expands on the vision as the need for agitating the youth to "do it for themselves" and that the conference served as a vehicle of a reawakening experience. He emphasized the need for self reliance and confidence as a much needed attitude for young people today.

 The conference had nationally acclaimed Idols host and musician Proverb as one of their speakers. The South African icon inspired the audience with a presentation drawing from practical lessons learnt on his journey to the heights he has reached today. Proverb's message aimed to inspire the youth towards a relentless pursuit for their dreams highlighting the misconceptions and complexities behind the journey. Touching on the significance of Youth Day he answered "Youth Day is not a day of mourning or partying but rather we should honour what the youth of 1976 died for by taking full advantage of what they struggled for." He further highlighted that the constant pursuit of the level beyond the next is a process best conducted with much appreciation and focus on the steps the journey has to offer. "Only you can gage the value of the fulfilment of passion".

(PICTURE: Mbali Mapela)

Author and social worker Mbali Mapela was also among the speakers of the day. Mapela conceived her own NGO in 2012 out of her passion for youth development and leadership. Her journey has seen her as South Africa's One Young World ambassador for the international initiative of young leaders. She highlights the urgency of initiative among the youth as they are 'hidden with little to no opportunities for exposure'. Mapela draws attention to challenges facing the youth echoing a need for a paradigm shift from the blame game with the realisation that "leadership starts with you". Drawing from the biblical narrative of Nehemiah, she highlights the need for a youth to have passion to rebuild the nation with a passion which bothers them unto solution.

(PICTURE: Proverb)

Lerato Diphoko, founder and CEO of God Fearingly Fabulous, highlighted the that it is their mission to host events of this nature provincially with Pretoria and Bloemfontein as their regions of inception. Diphoko expands on the need for a consciousness among the youth which will see them channel the same resilience as the Youth of 1976. Further highlighted was the need for the youth to take a stand the best way possible in aiding the conditions of the ills they face as a generation. The event also had music items alongside dance and poetry renditions from young indviduals and groups. God Fearingly Fabulous aims to continue its efforts in inspiring the youth towards breaking new boundaries and striving for their dreams.