Today I found myself chilling with Tumelo “Dope” Moutlana the film director/producer extraordinaire, who now taps into creative events to talk about his work.

Tumelo was born and bred in Mokopane, Limpopo he is a professional film maker, director and producer, his work includes short films, documentaries, web series and TV music shows. Asked him where he got the name “dope” , which we all know its slang for the green herbs, he explains he got the name from those close in his circle , but didn’t get in detail, guess that’s story for another day.Homer loves art and what he is doing; I tapped into his mind to ask where the love for film comes from. ” I love telling stories; I love the effect a story can have on someone’s life. I believe storytellers in any shape or form of art are as important as doctors, just the latter work with physical attributes of a human being and the former with emotional attributes”. He added to say that he believes everyone should contribute to the greater good of the world and film is his way of doing so.

As mentioned above in addition to film making, dope is now also in events, and he has an upcoming event in his hometown “Mokopane Creative’s Exhibition” occurring on the 25th November. Dope explained to me what the event is all about..”Mokopane Creative’s Exhibition is an event with a main focus of bringing Mokopane creative’s under one roof to share experiences , ideas , knowledge and to ultimately inspire collaboration between Mokopane creative’s”.

With every project there is a plan and a vision of the project, I asked the home slices what is it he wants to achieve with his event, also whether is this a once-off project or will be getting more installments…” I want to put Mokopane on the map, show the world that this is not just a small dusty town. It’s a town filled with creatives from all walks of art departments and if time and logistics permits, we can have a creative industry as thriving as Cape Town and Joburg. At the expense of having this idea stolen by the heartless, this is not going to be a once off, but an annual event “. He added to say he ultimately want to grow this event into a festival similar to Grahamston Art Festival and Macufe. Where in a space of five days the whole town is filled with creative activities from film , music , theater plays , sports and culture all led by the people from Mokopane. This is one the coolest concept out of Mokopane, some might argue that this by far the best concept/event on the streets of Mokopane currently.

People who will be attending this event can expert panel discussions that will focus on personal branding, creative entrepreneurship, music business, photography, film, and retail. There will also be performances by local artists, photography and art exhibitions with the highlight of the day being the viewing of a film shot by dope “An Ode to Mokopane Hip Hop”
The content of this event is one of a kind in Mokopane, I found out from Dope who are the people involved in these panels. ”Tshepo Somo representing PKYM a clothing label, participating in the retail panel discussion, A ‘cute Gabriel representing A ‘cute Angle Photography, participating in the photography panel discussion and Mars representing Mars Lifestyle participating in both the entrepreneur and retail panels”.

To host such an event takes a lot of research to the street culture, I asked dope what’s his point of view on the street culture of his hood. ” The street culture in Mokopane is out there and in your face, sad to say that those who don’t notice are walking blind”. Dope tunes while shooting the film “An Ode to Mokopane Hip Hop” he bumped into 015 Toxic who was manning a retail stall of one of the biggest brands in Mokopane “Broski”. “That blew me away and from that day on I knew that creativity lives in the town of Mokopane”, he says that subconsciously that day might have been the birth of “Mokopane Creative’s Exhibition”.

To host the creative’s in one roof you have to know what you dealing with, I asked dopes who are the creative’s in Mokopane he thinks we should check out. He mentioned William Junior, the founder and designer at Broski, he added that this kid’s work is admirable and inspiring and we should all follow him on the socials. With Special mentions to Gabriel(photography) , Mc Ray(Rapper) , Renovator Lepara(Rapper), Tshepo Somo(Entrepreneur) , Mandy Kgobe(Model) , Thabo Lekalakala(Entrepreneur) , DJ Summertime(DJ), Thembinkosi and Moshakes(Videographer/Photographer).

To close off a very informative conversation with my homer dope I asked him what he thinks of social media and the Instagram photographers.
“I think if you’re a creative social media should be your biggest friend. Social Media has created a space for individuals to create a brand out of themselves.
This is a show and tell industry and social media creates a space for you to show the world what you are all about. I mean the art you create can be viewed by everyone across the world, which also offers an opportunity for you to monetize content, with regards to instagram photographers I for one stands with them, how else do you want them to initiate the passion they have, they are not going to be the best from the bat but with time and practice they can and will improve”. He closed it off to say going to school is important, but it is not the only way to become a professional, so this social media fames is another way to skin a cat.

To find out more about the event and also chat with the brains behind it.

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