Posted on December 05, 2017

I caught up with the brains behind MOFISO, a lifestyle movement founded by the duo Lore & Ofentic from Rustenburg.
Lore and Ofentic is a rap duo consiting of singer/song-writer Lore-la-Batho and Ofentic who is a rapper/song-writer.
I asked the homies where did it all start.

Ofentic ”We grew up in the same neighborhood, Mogwase. So we’ve always crossed paths but it was only in 2013, after we recorded a few songs together that we officially formed a duo”.
Lore”We realized the audience loved the chemistry we bring to the stage and in studio, so we decided to go with the duo as opposed to two solo acts”.

They explained that in principle Mofiso is a lifestyle concept that speaks excellence in unity, thus the phrase “Mofiso ke Lesika” which lesika means family. “I fis cause you fis, you fit cause I fis”

I wanted to find out from the homies who is involved in the movement, who is the lesika they talking about, they alluded that as far as day to day running is concerned the family is small, however they regard every single who has ever the movement a Fisolian.

My Rustenburg boys, tuned me about Lore and Ofentic, which they consider them O.Gs and which I can testify to that with the content they have and the music/artists they tune me about. I always wondered whether it was an age thing , or the amount of work they have both contributed individually.

Ofentic “I suppose its all of the above, understand as individuals, we’ve been putting out music and shows together since 2003. Apart from music, we genuinely care about telling the city’s story, that’s why we put oversells out there like that, be it by supporting another business person or by sharing knowledge with fellow musicians. Otherwise we all fisolians the other cats can see and respect that, hence the O.G tittle”.

As mentioned above the duo is from the 014 Rustenburg, I wanted to know from the O.Gs of the town, how is it different from Johannesburg, since now they are based in the big city.

Ofentic “Johannesburg is a lot more diverse, because how big it is, it is a big city so theres a lot going on”. They enjoying performing like they have a point to prove to every crowd. These cats are like one the most followed artists in the 014.

One would argue that you do not necessarily need radio/tv platform as an artists to put your craft out there, the internet has has been very pivotal to artists to engage with their fans. Lore & Ofentic are one of the few artists that I know who uses the internet to their advantage with their increasing following. I had find out from them if they feel that radio and t.v are dead, they mentioned that while radio and t.v had to share the market with the internet, in Africa the two platforms are still very much alive, as they hasn’t really been an huge internet sensation who did what soldier boy did, so managing all three platforms will be very advantageous for an artist.

The homers are independent artists, and it looks like that is a new trend with artist to go indie, which makes sense to protect their masters and make a lot of money from their crafts. Which in reality works, but it has been proven that it cannot work for everybody. I asked the homers what it entails to be an indie artist.

Lore “Indie is a lot of hard work and a lot more riskier but it’s also a great training ground, no one wants to struggle forever, but also no one wants to be an employee forever either”.
Ofentic “We really don’t mind a deal that will position us where we want to be, we manage the concept with a very simple concept “Mofiso ke Lesika”

Back to the music, I had to find out from the homers what they are currently working on, they tuned me that are working on an EP called “Gone Fishing” (EXCLUSIVE CONTENT). The project will feature some amazing talent from the rap Steve Biko Blaklez, Red button, Huge Da Oracle, Ora Kola, Boy Wonder and the Punch line crew consisting of D.EE XCLSV, LUNA FLORENTINO, TONY X and Manu Worldstar. This is all exclusive stuff, on the production side they have the usual suspects who always produce their joint, Xseed, Urban Lunatic, Nic Jay Halom, Cool Jive and Black Jar Moscow, and they said we should expect a few surprises on the production of their music.

I had to find out from the duo which artists we should look out for in 2018 and beyond. They have the dropped the homer Huge Da Oracle, Luna Florentino and the ladies’ man Tony X. Lastly they put their money on Jays on Decks who is a hip hop deejay, the kid got mad skills.

To close off the conversation, we had to get some wisdom from them to give to the upcoming kids who wants to get in their industry.
Lore “Talent means nothing if it isn’t backed by skills, hard work, dedication and money. So always be learning, mingling and dealing. It will not be easy but if this is something thats truly in your heart, the rewards are well worth the sweats and tears”.
Ofentic “Mofiso ke Lesika if nothing is remembered”.

Get in touch with the movement on all social platforms:
Twitter: Lore_n_ofentic
Instagram: Lore_n_ofentic
Facebook: Lore & Ofentic