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Conversations with Lito Pacino

Posted on December 12, 2017

The music industry is not about to die soon as more and artists are putting their soul into their craft and Lito Pacino is no exception. With a number of joints already in circulation, we caught up with him in getting more insight behind what is being moved so far. The Gauteng artist has been raising his credibility with great support at his shows and music content socially relatable by peers throughout the spectrum. There is much to be appreciated behind the stories he unravels in his music and his evolution so far has seen him work with a diverse network of music producers and upcoming artists. Below is an interview with the man following his dreams as he uses his art to progress his journey in life.

For those who are still getting to know you, tell us a bit about Lito Pacino and the inspiration behind his craft.

Lito Pacino is a troubled individual like most people, but instead of seeing a shrink, relying on drinks and pills to numb pain, music is his only release, it's what makes him happy. Lito Pacino is an artist, that's it.

How are you finding your experience in the game and what are some of the highlights you'd like to share with us so far?

My career has only one highlight and that's me performing, otherwise it's been setbacks, from people screwing me over and being sold dreams. Trust me 10 years in the game and dealing with such almost got me to a point where I wanted to quit, but I'm back now and I'm here to make a statement.

Give us some background into the content you are dropping on Waptrendz and how has the response been?

I used to drop music with Waptrendz back then my first two singles Been About It and Brugudlu were loved by the masses, I pray and hope my new stuff Blow Bandz and Thel Umoya is appreciated by the same people and more. I worked with SAMA award winner Vic on my street banger Blow Bandz, and on the club Thel Umoya I worked with an International producer by the name Holy and got a new artist on the block called Delay on the hook. Thel Umoya drops 9th Dec. There is no story behind these joints, they hits, people will get to know the real Lito Pacino when I start working on my album. 

(Thel Umoya by Lito Pacino available on waptrendz)

What are some of the projects you are currently busy with and what should we look forward to?

Right now I am going to flood the streets and social media with my music until there's a demand for an album, it's what was suggested by my team and it's slowly working for me, we getting booked and for a change it feels good to be paid.

How can people connect with you?

Instagram : @lito_pacino
Twitter : litopacino

Manager : [email protected] (for bookings or more info)