Born and bred in Venda, Thohoyandou with many ambitions, his love for hip hop music made him get involved within the culture. He mentions the music lit up a spark in him wanting him to start a movement which he believed would embrace more creativity and make people express themselves through creativity that is the company UNISWA was founded.

“Uniswa’s aim and vision is to bring out creative’s and showcase their work to a better platform and the world in” The team behind this collective consist of young creative’s from Venda with only one mission “change the world”. 0H15 TO THE WRXLD.
A very energetic character, Bucks dress sense will always have people turn their heads and appreciate dopeness, those who do not understand will just scratch their heads, not everyone will understand his aesthetics.
I had to ask him about his love for clothes and fashion, and how we started thrifting.

“Thriftconekt is a fashion brand that I started with my girlfriend/partner Mukhethwa Khakhu (A style goddess herself), which was inspired by our love for clothes and fashion, so we decided to share our styling ideas with the world and the response has been satisfying so far.

We asked the home slice why thrift. “ Most people don’t know this , but the freshest gear and most exclusive pieces are the ones you get at thrift, but the market is still undermined because of general negative that some people still have for thrifted clothes , so I wouldn’t say the thrift market is really big but worth it if well executed”.

As a Joburger I can attest that the kids out there are thrifting apparel more than going to a traditional retail store. Because exclusivity.

The homey is a culture vulture, open to collaboration he has worked with the big guns like the north god, Da Les himself. I enjoy our culture talks, talking how we can change the world and just our love for the culture.....
“Urban youth culture has evolved in a really enormous way here in S.A. people are more open to creativity and people are collaborating more to do extraordinary work for our culture , so I would say the youth now is more woke and more expressive than before”.

As usual in any industry, they are challenges and/or people/entities trying to marginalise the creative’s, Bucks have had his share with the “hand of God”.
“Creativity is still something that’s undermined, that’s why even authorities and companies think they can just buy it out (No Ricky), but originality can’t be bought but if allowed to be expressed in the right way without any systematic influence, a lot of us would have been so far ahead. That’s why there are still more challenges out there for creative entrepreneurs, so we need to come together and stop undermining one another and know that we are in this world for a higher purpose and that’s to change it”

Since the home slice is a fashion brand owner, we had to find out what are the essentials for spring/summer 18’. “ A lot of sportswear will be flooding the streets, colourful items are essential for spring/summer, just don’t be wearing dead and dark colours most of the time spring/summer are all about living in colours so know your colours and execute them to your best fit” COLOURS!!!

There are lots of brands both locally and internationally, the kids are definitely creating dopeness, we had to ask the home slice what his font size like.

Favourite brands personally...
- Thriftconekt
- Supreme
- Off-white
- V-lone
- Zookwa
- Emit
- Fuavelo
- Vans

This combo is just too delicious. All the brand mentioned are available on his online store.
Back to the future, if you haven’t noticed there is a trend called “LUXE”, which makes high-end and street wear the same thing, some call it high-end street wear we had to ask the homey how he felt about this trend.

“I would say it’s a fair thing as long as the balance is kept and one doesn’t get to lose itself to another, because we are living in a very updated world, everyday out there are still people who still prefer their things in their order which is not a bad thing, so I would say as long as the balance is kept then everything is good”.
Uniswa is not only a fashion collective, it also dabbles into events and music, and we asked Bucks, who are the artists he thinks we should look out for.

- Mizo PHYLL
- Mass 80
- King lutendo
- P.postman
- Cassette
- Jack bunny
- I. Moose

To close off the conversation with the home slice, I had to find out what are the boys saying, what the future look like..... ‘I’ve worked hard on building my brands, the future looks more structured and ready to do more”
Bucks tuned us to expect more work from all the creative’s and brands involved, they are just warming.

There you have it from the Principal of University of Swag (UNISWA).

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