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Coopay - The Maftown Mexican

Posted on January 08, 2018

Coopay, With a larger-than-life attitude, unexpected alter egos, confidence that is out of this world, and respect for his 16 bars, Coopay is an artist who knows his worth before he’s told. Tanana, Sounds and Coop are three-part specials that make up the artist known as Coopay, who started out his hustle in the ‘Motswako’ streets of Mafikeng.
“Music’s our job, so we need to be cooking in the studio, no matter how it sounds. Sometimes you don’t need a process – if you’re born with it then it comes easy, all you need is a beat and a mic.”
Alter egos: Tanana is Coopay’s youngest alter ego. A coloured family adopted him, which makes him the Maftown Mexican whose sound is African trap. Tanana is Coopay’s view on the youth of today, being scared, and following everything and everyone, instead of creating their own ways.
Then there’s the funky, smooth, ladies’ man and neo soul side of Coopay and that is Sounds. Sounds is his oldest alter ego, he’s mature and wears his heart on his sleeve.

(PICTURE: Insta: @Coopaysounds)

I asked the homer Coopay where it all began “I was between the age of 4 and 5 years old, so the pastor decided to tell me to say yo… yeah, yo… yeah… while the older boys rapped. I knew in my heart that all I wanted to do in my life was be on stage, performing and screaming. Now, 18 years later, I’m still doing the same thing.”
Coopay is inspired by artists who are able to shape the mindset of where music is at any given moment, such as Kendrick, Drake, Kanye and J Cole. When it comes to storytelling and lyrical dynamics, it has to be Jay Z.

The Maftown cats are without a doubt running the S.A hip hop game, and they have been for a minute now from HHP, Khuli Chana, to recently Cassper Nyovest. I asked Coopay what separates them from the rest of S.A “the Water we drink back home lol, on a more serious note we come from a town where entertainment is not as prominent as other cities but the love for music and the passion for entertaining the masses remains dominant inside off us, so we get an opportunity to practice and grow our skills everyday without any distractions so by the time we are ready. the world cannot ignore us”.
Fashion forms of a very strong part of the hip hop culture it creates movements and defines every generation hip-hop finds itself into. Hip hop without fashion is like a car with no Fuel, there’s potential in the car but without the fuel the car will remain in one place

(PICTURE: Insta: @Coopaysounds)

One would argue that the "motswako" as we know it, is dead what are your thoughts?
“Nah motswako aint Dead, people misunderstood what motswako really is. So let me clarify that Motswako is the mixture of different musical elements which create one new element and in our knowledge is made popular by the Batswana people from Mafikeng who used setswana as a medium to communicate their message. This was different and the first of its kind back when HHP, Tuks, and Morafe where doing it however the point is and still remains what made it popular was the ability to mix different genres together and communicate the message in a language that best suited you. Now look at what’s happening now everyone from all parts of the country are more inclined to this mind set and are representing their own hoods and languages by mixing different genres together. E.g Kwesta ,Cassper ,OkMulumekoolkat, Aka, sho Majozi, the list goes on. Motswako never died it just Evolved. Sadly enough a lot of people were not ready for change now motswako seems like a foreign concept to them. NB: Nothings remains the same, change is good and Motswako will live forever”.

(PICTURE: Insta: @Coopaysounds)

We spoke social media , how it can help build or destroy your brand, how upcoming artist should be using it...“I’ve learnt to be aware of everything that happens in the industry and how social media influences it. I’ve learnt that social media plays a huge part in brand building and I've started to focus my attention on the demographic that actually is engaging with my social media pages, either by tweeting daily, releasing new music, dropping freestyle videos ,pictures, quotes, competitions basically anything to keep the fans engaged to the world I’m creating with them”.

We spoke the importance of being independent in this day and age, Coopay mentioned musicians need to go back to school and learn about reading contracts ,drafting agreements , artist rights ,royalties ,publishing etc. “if you are not willing to learn about those things from an expert then they shouldn't be and Indie artist. That tittle comes with a lot of responsibility”.

I guess Coopay is doing the education as one of his highlights of 2017 is cancelling his contract with his record label and becoming and Indie Artist .

Coopay mentioned he will dropping 3 E.Ps this year and more dope visuals. “I don’t want speak about much right now I rather just show you what’s coming just stay tuned to my social media pages”.


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