Caught up with the 22year old Rapper/Producer straight out of Rustenburg, got tuned to him as a “producer”, only to find out later on that the boy got some mean bars also.

Fast forward Luna Florentino will probably let us in on what he does and how his names came about. The Urban Lunatic is his producer side, Luna Florentino is his rapper side. ”At first I started out as The Urban Lunatic for both sides and then later changed my artist side to Luna Florentino, reason being when I introduced myself to people as “The Urban Lunatic”, they would always try to find a way to shorten it so people started calling me “Lunatic”. This continued to the point that other people even shortened it to “Luna”. He mentioned the reason he kept “The Urban Lunatic”, was because he didn’t want to change his beat signature “Lunatic on the track”, and that’s how his name started with so he felt his fans needed to trace where he came from. “Florentino is a name I found by accident while I was writing a verse. It is a Spanish surname given to people who are born to be victorious and so I decided to put it together with “Luna” to create “Luna Florentino”.

Since the homer only talks his craft and the people he works with, I wanted to find out from Luna, what him and his crew at @ThePunchLine are working on for 2018 ”A lot more songs and visuals. You can also expect a lot of parties and live shows from us”.
Back to Luna and his craft, and I found out from Luna whether he is a rapper or producer first, which he enjoys doing or does more often than the other. ”I actually started out as a rapper and then I started making beats because I was tired of downloading instrumentals on YouTube. I tend to produce more than I rap though because I make beats first and then freestyle to my instrumentals. Writing a song takes less time than recording, mixing and mastering, I always spend more time behind the P.C than the Mic.

Took Luna to another side of the hip hop culture, fashion what his views on the influence of Fashion in the hip hop industry, and he mentioned that fashion is very influential in hip hop and his wardrobe has gone through three generations of Hip hop .
“My sense of style has always been influenced by hip hop, my wardrobe has gone from having fitted caps and baggy clothes, to skinny jeans and vans to torn longline shirts and Stan Smiths. My closest has literally been through three generation of hip hop, fashion is a big part of the culture and helps one shape their character in Hip Hop. I also believe in dressing like your music, you cant make swaggy music while you look pap”.

We spoke about social media and independence as an artist in this day and age, he had a lot to say about both of the topics.
“I try my best not to post all of my thoughts on social media because that might leave me vulnerable, so I always watch what I say and how I say it. Social media is very powerful but it is also very dangerous because the internet never forgets, worst thing you can do is post something while you’re emotional only to regret it later, delete the post only to find out someone has already grabbed it. On the positive side though it has helped me connect with my fans more on a personal level and that way I get to see how people react to my product”

Being independent “I’d say it’s very important but you have to understand that being independent is not pap and vleis. You literally have to do the education to succeed as an independent artist. This means doing more than just music, learn about the business side of the industry and honestly not everyone is good at business. You need the necessary skills and team to go independent.

We are fresh in the New Year, found out from Luna what are some of the highlights of 2017. ”When Moozlie (Vuzu) interviewed me and she couldn’t believe I was Luna when I mentioned my name. That was pretty dope because I honestly didn’t expect her to know me”.

Luna sheds light on his plans for 2018, he tuned me to expect more features, more production, more visuals from his Florentino Mariachi (His fans) mixtape , that dropped last year and available on all digital platforms. And some more lifestyle content which will be shared on his Instagram.

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