The TeeKay Take Over

Posted on June 09, 2017



  • Name?: Hitekani.
  • Where you from?: Polokwane.
  • Age?: 21.
  • Height?: 1.76 m.
  • Eye colour?: Brown.

  • What’s keeping you busy?: School, Build a brand and modeling.
  • Describe yourself in one sentence?: Tall, fun, ambitious and crazy.
  • Which part of your body would you consider as your favourite?: My ass…… just kidding my smile.
  • If you were to do dinner, lunch or supper with one famous person, who would it be?: Warren Buffet. He has to teach me a thing or two about business.
  • Favourite restaurant?: RocoMamas.

  • Favourite night club?: Topflo Prestige for now.
  • Favourite sport?: Football.
  • Any favourite artist on Benny Cray.
  • Favourite song?: Future - Mask Off.
  • Funniest moment in your life?: I’ve had a number of these moments but there was the time I lost my mom in the store, so I looked around, spotted a lady that looked like her and I walked over and started telling her how I thought she left me behind until she turned and I realized I had the wrong woman…

  • Which movie has ever made you cry before?: The end of Fast and The Furious 7.
  • What’s your favourite movie?: At the moment Fast and Furious 8.

  • Indoor or Outdoor type of person?: Definitely indoor.
  • What’s your proudest moment?: Hearing how proud my parents are of me.
  • What’s your worst experience in life?: It has to be getting lost in Joburg with my phone on 9%.
  • What gets you mad/ticked off?: Random people invading my personal space.
  • What do you look for in guy?: He must to be tall, funny and attractive. The list goes on but that’s the top 3 things.
  • Your idea of a perfect date?: Pizza, wine and a movie.
  • Which destination would you go for a vacation?: Italy.


Contact and Handles:

Facebook: Hitekani Baloyi

Instagram: @_teekayy_

Twitter: @baloyi_Hitekani

email: [email protected]